From Kim Tamura at Loveland Technical Services to all my friends

The pandemic has so many small businesses struggling to stay open and Loveland Technical Services is no exception.  I have a commitment to my customers to be there when they need me, and this will continue. 

In order to accomplish this, I will be reducing my overhead by moving to a residential location and offering free pickup and delivery so that I may continue to support my friends and customers.  The new location is near to my current shop so for those that prefer I can meet you there.

My new location will take some adjustments to make it work effectively so I’m reaching out to you.  I would like to offer discount service packages to any customers interesting in helping.

I understand in these challenging times that a lot of us do not have extra money.  Your prayers would be appreciated just as much.

The following are pre-paid service packages that will save you quite a bit of money and help me continue being there for you. 

Service Package 1 – $125 (Savings of $145) – no expiration

Includes: 2 x Computer Repairs and 2 hours remote service

Service Package 2 – $250 (Savings of $375) – no expiration

Includes: 5 x Computer Repairs and 5 hours remote service

Remote Service Discount

Half Price with Prepay (regular price $1/minute) no expiration

$30 Per Hour

Support time is deducted by the minute so you can use it all at once or over multiple support calls.

You can sign up for these packages at my secure Square Credit Card site.

If there is a package you would like to see included here please contact me so I can make it available.

I hope you and your loved ones are well.  You are in my prayers.

Kim Tamura – Loveland Technical Services

970 691-7809